The Missing Piece for Success, Why most sales techniques sound better than they work!

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Have you ever wondered why most sales techniques sound better than they work?  It’s because fewer times that most of us would believe, your  success isn’t based on your techniques, or scripts.  There is typically an unidentified element that plays a more important part in our success, whether that success is in sales, management, or… Read more »

Why Your Best Clients Don’t Give You Referrals, And 10 Things You Can Do About It

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If your best clients think so highly of you, why aren’t they referring others to you? It could be, your own actions are convincing them they shouldn’t! Some of us try to demonstrate our importance by showing and expressing how busy we are, and we communicate our “busyness” in any number of ways. How do… Read more »

PowerPoint Poison

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… How PowerPoint Presentations are Poisoning your message and what to do about it. “Oh, I already covered that!”  said Karen as she turned toward the screen at the front of the room.  The Power Point slide was the all-too-familiar cobalt blue background, a headline in gold, eight lines of white text with the current… Read more »

How To Let Your Prospects Sell Themselves

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A powerful new paradigm is rumbling through the world of sales, transforming how professionals relate to and connect with their clients, vendors and employees.  In contrast to previous sales techniques, seventh generational sales puts the client firmly in control — with enormous benefits to both prospect and salesperson. Richard Stewart and David Jackson of The… Read more »

Clients Forever

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What would happen to your business if your clients loved you?  How about if your clients knew you loved them?  You may have a few clients like this, but the odds are it’s a very small percentage of your total customer base.  The odds are most of your customers are merely satisfied. According to “Why… Read more »