Doug Carter in News & MediaDoug Carter
in News & Media

In the training and development industry for more than 30 years, Doug Carter has become known for helping people to increase sales, efficiency and profitability.

Media Doug Has Been Published In:


  • Clarity of Vision Newsletter
  • Real Trends Magazine
  • Houston Business Review
  • Life and Health Advisor
  • National Society of Accountants
    “NSA Practitioner”
  • Real Estate Magazine
  • Proofs: The Magazine of the
    Dental Sales and Marketing
  • KAKC “Tulsa Business Today”
  • KCTE-AM/”Duct Tape Marketing”
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies and News
  • Realtor Magazine
  • Professional Insurance Agents
  • Benefits Marketing Magazine
  • National Mortgage Broker Magazine
  • CMA Management magazine
  • Network Marketing Business Journal
  • The Real Estate Professional
  • California Broker
  • Wisconsin Professional Agent magazine
  • Catalyst Magazine
  • Massachusett’s Society of CPAs
  • CA Magazine
  • The Insurance Record
  • Sales Exchange
  • Contact Magazine
  • Real Estate Magazine


Michael E. GerberDoug Carter is one of the most powerful interactive trainers I know! He is funny, he is practical, he is inspirational and he knows what he’s doing. He moves people! He just may be the second best kept secret in America!

Michael E. Gerber
The E-Myth Academy, Author of The “E” Myth

Mark SheerDoug Carter understands more about how to ‘move an audience’ than most people will learn in a lifetime. He’s realistic, practical, and he knows precisely why something works. He’s moving me to levels I didn’t even know existed. I’ve already made more than $1 million because of him.
You could too.

Mark Sheer
Mark Sheer Seminars

Doug Carter is the greatest interactive trainer I have ever seen and I have been doing this for over 30 years.

Jack Wells
Presidential Speech Writer (Nixon, Ford, Reagan)




To schedule an interview or to invite Doug to participate in an upcoming media-related event, please contact him directly
at (530) 926-3782.