Specialized Solutions Designed to Meet and Exceed the Needs of Your Business

On-Site Consulting

With scores of successful alliances with entities such as Tony Robbins, Robert Allen and Mike Gerber, Doug Carter has a unique ability to pinpoint problems within your business and then develop specialized solutions to ultimately increase sales, efficiency and profitability.

Doug has helped other clients by:

  • Researching, creating and implementing special field-training projects to increase productivity.
  • Reversing employee turnover problems.
  • Restructuring corporate debt.
  • Installing corporate training departments.
  • Providing and contributing to material for programs and presentations.
  • Developing and creating programs and presentations for their organization.
  • Training in-house instructors and sales staff.
  • Creating and conducting innovative sales training.
Contact Doug directly at (530) 926-3782 to discuss the needs of your business or read Case Studies from successful clients.