Letters of Thanks from Clients

Dear Doug,

I want to thank you for the excellent training you’ve provided AmeriComm. I have used other training companies in the past, but there has always been a missing ingredient. Congratulations! The Carter Institute has been chosen as the training company for AmeriComm.

As you are aware, I am constantly studying sales, marketing, and communications. I have a personal library of books, tapes, and video materials worth over $60,000.00. Your program, Power Patterns, is one of the most powerful systems of communications I have ever been exposed to. This is not an oversell, I really mean it! I am so enthused by some of your strategies that I am actually looking at all of our scripts and rebuttals and looking for where there can be massive improvement.

We are already using and applying some of your state-of-the-art techniques. My sales force actually started applying some of these strategies after your first training session. We got immediate results the very next day! Thereafter, they were hooked on Doug Carter.

We are constantly looking for ways to outdo our competitors, and having Doug Carter on our side has been a big factor.

Before you started with us, our sales were at best, flat. After just one month, our sales increased more than 30%. During month two, our sales jumped more than 200%. During month three, we were at a 300% increase…incredible! Obviously, I am very happy with these results. Our entire company is now functioning more like a team than it had previously. We always considered ourselves to be the best sales organization among our competitors, but now, they do not even stand a chance. Our search for a sales training organization is finally over.

As you know, Doug, we have spent over three years and close to three million dollars creating our sales system. I hope to one day have one of the best sales systems in the world. I am glad that you have decided to assist us in improving our current system. I know that it is a big project and it was a big decision for you. I am glad that you have accepted.

I look forward to working with you and so does all of AmeriComm.


Michael Ibarra
President, AmeriComm

Dear Doug,

Thank you for the remarkable growth experience at the recent training conference in San Diego. You are an outstanding trainer.

The bonus of this training was the personal growth I experienced. My personal goal is to be a better leader at work. The benefits I realized were significantly more than from other personal growth workshops I have taken. In other trainings I come out of them feeling high until I run into problems at work. After our conference I felt more grounded and found I was able to solve problems that had seemed insurmountable. The first week following the training was superb.

There were many situations at work this week where I turned problems into positive results. The problem solving technique we learned in-depth during the training enabled me to better differentiate between the problem and symptoms. It made me realize that our multi-million dollar excess inventory was not the problem, but the symptom. The problem is poor inter-departmental planning. I have already taken steps to correct the real problem, which we may have never corrected without the insight I received at the conference. This week I was truly the leader of our Sales and Marketing department because I did not let problems control me. I controlled the problems and solved them in the process.

I realize I still have a lot to learn in order to become a great leader in business. Now, I look forward to the challenge because thanks to you…I am sure I can achieve these goals.


Ned S. Roache
Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing


I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to stay an extra day in San Francisco. It was great seeing you again and as usual Mr. Carter, your advice was dead on.

I ended up having a personal best week. I ended up with 311 units for one day in San Jose. We had a thousand people for the evening program and we closed 211.

It was the wildest thing I’ve ever seen. Credit cards were flying everywhere. My adrenalin was pumping like never before. We ended up with over 850 units for the week.

Doug, your willingness to share your knowledge with me is something I’ll never be able to repay. Money couldn’t buy a better teacher.

Sincerely yours,

Tom Bissmeyer
Charles Givens of America

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