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Real Life Optimization Intensive Program (REAL)

May 11 – 14, 2017 | Stockholm, Sweden

Real Life Optimization Intensive

Presented by Doug Carter, The Real Life Optimization Intensive program is designed for people looking for a way to communicate more powerfully and effectively, who want better results in their relationships, both at work and at home, and for those who want to decrease stress or fear and who want to move themselves to a “higher level.” It is a four day advanced leadership training program consisting of 25 interactive exercises that create behavioral changes during the training time itself—rather than just information for you to try to remember how to use after a training is over.

The Theory

We each have four levels of personality:

  1. The first level is “looking good.”  As far as we know it’s based on a genetic code for survival.  If you look good it’s more likely that your “tribe” will find you acceptable.
  2. The second level is the person who you’re afraid you are.  That’s exemplified by statements like, “Oh, if they only knew… who I really am, what I once did, where I’m really at,” and so on.
  3. The third level of personality is the “perfect person we’re striving to be.”  But, the very fact that most people are “striving” to be someone different is proof that the person they are trying to be can’t really be themselves because no one needs to “strive” to be who they are.  In fact, the more you’re feeling you have to “work at” being a particular type of person, the less likely it is that you’re actually that person you’re trying to be.  Your striving to be the “ideal person” is actually getting in your way to being who you really are.
  4. The fourth level of personality is who you really are.  This is the foundation where you consistently get “near perfect performance without practice.”  It’s the natural talents that are with you all of the time.


It appears that the need to be someone “perfect” is taught to us over the years in the form of lessons from other people who try to mold us to fit their “model of the world.”  When someone we trust (mother, father, teacher, religious leader, friend, family member, etc.) begins a sentence with, “If you would only…” they most likely express an opinion or judgment about what you need to do or how you need to “show up” in order for you to be a better person—according to them.

Once someone makes judgments about our behavior we become more aware of the possibility that they may be accurate (the reticular activating syndrome).  In Behavioral Learning Theory, generalization is a lower level of learning than distinctions.  So, most people look for what’s similar (generalize) to what we already think before we look for how it may be distinctly different.

We begin to identify additional evidence (conformation bias) that indicates they might have been right and we end up living down to those expectations.

The “Real Life Optimization Intensive” helps you to “let go” of those beliefs that don’t serve you, leaving you with who you really are.  We answer the questions, “Who are you?” “What’s worth doing?” and “Who’s worth being around?”  Which means you get to look at life more openly, fairly, and honestly.


The Format:

  • Four day training (short enough to work, long enough for BIG changes)
  • A six session “adjusting to the ‘REAL World’” reinforcement program
  • Each day starts at 8:00 am and goes to 5:30 pm or whenever we’re done
  • The REAL work begins with three assignments each night.
  • The REAL epiphanies, insights, revelations and breakthroughs tend to spring forth when you’re doing the 24 interactive exercises that the course is made up of and the three sets of assignments.

The Content:

Day One you learn how to establish trust in a straight-forward way that alters how people communicate with you.  You demonstrate the power of your limiting beliefs.  And, you get to experience how powerful it is to either delete or diminish a major fear that holds you back in some aspect of your life (no kidding).

Day Two you learn how to listen so powerfully that your listening alters the way someone communicates with you.  You integrate six communication methods that shift the way that others listen to you.  You shift your understanding of who you are to the degree you stop striving to be someone you’re not.

Day Three you clearly realize the surprising answers to, “What’s worth doing in my life?” and “Who’s worth doing it with?”  You get an insight into a new form of “problem analysis” that dramatically decreases the stress in your life and makes your concerns easier to manage. You realign your goals into an action plan that has you doing what you need to be doing in order to live a life that works for you.

Day Four you discover why you do what you do!  You clearly discover what truly motivates you!  And, you learn to use a patent-pending process using bilateral stimulation to integrate what you’ve learned into both sides of your brain.

Follow-up:  If you choose there is a bi-weekly follow-up webinar to keep you focused and on track!

Get more details about the next Real Life Optimization Training Program by filling out the contact form above or contact Doug directly at (530) 926-3782 to register today!

The Results:

In February 2008 we hired Greg White, a Stanford trained psychologist, to help us measure the true effectiveness of REAL.  Obviously, no four day training program is going to solve or resolve all the issues, conditions, or challenges that someone has.

What this program does do is provide a consistent transformational result that has the participants showing up in the world with more self-confidence, more self-esteem, more resilience, and more belief in themselves.  The training also provides desired decreases, such as a decreased level of stress, a decrease in psychological distress, and a very significant reduction in distress over personal concerns.

The end result of this is a greater sense of peace, better relationships with others, better decisions, a tendency to move ahead now rather than wait for something else to happen, and an ability to do what needs to get done—sooner rather than later.

Our Scores:

Based upon an analysis of the practical impact of the Real Life Optimization Intensive™ on Personal Performance Traits (effect-size analysis), it is possible to predict the percentage of individuals who, if they participated in the program, would show a significant change in a Trait over baseline levels at the end of the Program.  Follow-up data indicates that all of these gains would be at least maintained and probably increased (as skills become more engrained) in measured period after the conclusion of the Program.

The chart below shows the percent of individuals showing significant positive change due to participation in the Real Life Optimization Intensive™.

Personal Performance Trait Change
Increased Productivity – Gallup Factor 75%
Increased Profitability – Gallup Factor 79%
Increased Retention – Gallup Factor 73%
Increased Customer Satisfaction – Gallup Factor 68%
Increased Self-Esteem 84%
Increased Resilience 79%
Increased Clarity of Life Purpose 77%
Increased Awareness of Personal Strengths 84%
Decreased Stress 72%


Gallup Variables
Personal Performance Traits
Positive and Negative Effect
Self-Report of Workshop Benefits

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