What People are Saying


Doug Carter is the greatest interactive trainer I have ever seen and I have been doing this for over 30 years.

Jack Wells
Presidential Speech Writer (Nixon, Ford, Reagan)


Tony RobbinsDoug, the purpose of life is to create things that will outlast it. I feel blessed to have you as a friend and fellow warrior in mastering the energy of life. May the dreams we dream become the future you create. Live with passion!

Tony (Anthony) Robbins
Self-help Author and Success Coach, Robbins Research International, Inc.



This is the most practical Sales Management system I’ve ever seen. Within one month our customer refunds were cut by $15,000. We increased our sales by 42.86%, cut our expenses by 18.17% and I’m able to go home by 5:30 p.m. instead of 9 p.m.!

David Leitzke
President, Venture Alliance Group



Michael E. GerberDoug Carter is one of the most powerful interactive trainers I know! He is funny, he is practical, he is inspirational and he knows what he’s doing. He moves people! He just may be the second best kept secret in America!

Michael E. Gerber
The E-Myth Academy, Author of The “E” Myth



Doug’s pattern and looks resemble Dave Letterman’s and his timing and delivery are just as good!

The San Diego Union
Suzanne Choney
Writer, Editor, Producer, MSNBC.com



Mark SheerDoug Carter understands more about how to ‘move an audience’ than most people will learn in a lifetime. He’s realistic, practical, and he knows precisely why something works. He’s moving me to levels I didn’t even know existed. I’ve already made more than $1 million because of him.
You could too.

Mark Sheer
Mark Sheer Seminars



David GassNo one has had a more dramatic impact on me in such a short period of time as Doug. He altered the way I think about things and manage. I believe I have developed as a manager—and as a person—from his training.

David Gass
Director of Sales and Marketing, Nevada Corporate Headquarters



Bob AllenDoug, you are the finest trainer I have ever known! Hope we grow old together . . . May you “heal” millions.

Bob Allen
Author, “Nothing Down”



Doug Carter has it all, vision, know-how, and the ability to deliver . . . energizing and practical.

Pat Hughes
KCBQ 105.3 Radio


Doug Carter Partial Client List


  • Allstate Insurance
  • AmeriComm International
  • American Express
    Financial Advisors
  • Aegon Equity Group
  • AssetMark
  • Fidelity Financial
    Services, Inc
  • Genworth Financial
  • Inter Securities
  • ING Advisors Network
  • Kaiser Permanente, Inc
  • Kemper Funds
  • Liberty Foundation, Inc
  • LifePro Financial
  • MarketShare Financial
  • MassMutual
  • Metropolitan Life
  • NEXT Financial
  • ORBA Financial
  • PacifiCare, Inc.
  • Solomon Brothers
  • Smith, Barney, Inc.
  • SunLife of Canada, Ltd
  • Vantage Financial
  • Western Reserve Life

  • Robert Allen
    Challenge Systems, Inc.
  • Bill Bachrach
    Bachrach & Associates, Inc.
  • Kute Blackstone
    The Life Fitness Institute, Inc.
  • Les Brown
    Les Brown Unlimited
  • Michael Crom
    Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc.
  • Susie Fields
    Salon Training International
  • Don Atkinson
  • Andrew Finklestein
    Beauty Matters
  • Susan Foster
    The Quantum Group
  • Michael Gerber
    The E-Myth Academy
  • Scott Bell
    Global Alliance, Inc.
  • Phil Hargrave
    The Great Escape
  • Doug Krug
    Enlightened Leadership
  • Tom McCarthy
    Heroes and Legends, Inc.
  • Victoria Johnson
    Victoria Johnson & Associates
  • David Leitzke
    Venture Alliance Group
  • Anthony Robbins
    Robbins Research International, Inc.
  • David Gass
    Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc.
  • Michael Perog
    Management Seminars, Inc.
  • Jane Wilhite
    PSI World, Inc.
  • Scott Pruitt
    Entrepreneurial Rising
  • John Ross
    Wealth Integration Network
  • Art Schwartz
    Company Coach
  • Mark Sheer
    Mark Sheer Seminars
  • Bob Thornton
    Bob Thornton & Associates
  • Kurt Wright
    Clear Purpose Management

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