Creating Paradigm Shifts
by Simplifying Complex Concepts

Clients and corporations around the world agree that Doug has a unique ability to take even complex concepts and communicate them so simply they create a paradigm shift.  For this reason, time and again, Doug surprises people with the effect his speaking ability has on groups of people—so much so that most of his career has been built on word-of-mouth referrals.

Doug has conducted more than 5,000 keynotes and live workshops to people from five continents and has shared stage time with Tony Robbins, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracey, Les Brown and many others.

Keynotes and Live Workshops

Keynotes and Live Workshops

Doug doesn’t believe in PowerPoint presentations, speakers who simply educate or speakers whose goal is to inspire. That’s why he offers keynote presentations and live workshops that are more like life-changing conversations in which he connects with each audience member in a meaningful way. The result is an interactive training program that creates true behavioral changes.

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Real Life Optimization Training for Leaders

Public Seminar: Real Life Optimization Training for Leaders

This four day leadership training program is designed to train you to know yourself, trust yourself and believe in yourself. It provides you with more focus, clarity, assuredness and motivation. The end result is a greater sense of peace, better relationships with others, better decisions, a tendency to move ahead now rather than wait for something else to happen and an ability to do what needs to get done—sooner rather later.

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