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Secure Horizons

A $10 Million Increase in Sales

Client: Secure Horizons, recognized as one of the best Medicare Risk HMOs in the country.

Situation: Secure Horizons needed “state of the art” sales training programs that could provide a foundation for the company to “move to the next level” of sales effectiveness.

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A 23% Sales Increase in Six Months

Client: The Liberty Foundation, a small financial services company that has established itself as a contender for the “low end” market.

Situation: The biggest challenge facing the organization was the relatively large number of “under-producing agents.” The Liberty Foundation needed to do something to train the agents in the middle of the pack to be more effective.

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Venture Alliance Group

Customer Refunds Cut by $15K per Week

Client: Venture Alliance Group, a company that produces training seminars on Real Estate and Finance.

Situation: The company was out of control—they were overstaffed and were “hemorrhaging” from cash flow problems. They needed to increase sales, solve the cash flow problems, clean up the organization and install systems to make the company run more smoothly.

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Record Results within Six Months

Client: The oldest and largest adult training company in the world.

Situation: The company had a pattern of rapid growth followed by a leveling off of sales when a new independent contractor took over a new area.

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Challenge Systems, Inc.

Up to 426% Increase in Sales within 90 Days

Client: Challenge Systems, Inc.

Situation: The company’s sales people were struggling with closing clients on expensive products through over-the-phone sales.

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Sales Jumped 104.6% within Three Weeks

Client: Nevada Corporate Headquarters, the fastest growing Nevada-based “resident agent” in the United States.

Situation: NCH’s sales had been steadily growing for a decade before they reached a plateau caused by limited space. The limited space made it impossible to add more salespeople, so their staff was stretched to the max keeping up with their current leads.

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