Within One Month Customer Refunds Were Cut by $15,000 Per Week

Venture Alliance GroupWhen David Leitzke became the President of Venture Alliance Group, a company that produced training seminars on real estate and finance, they were already in trouble.

The former president and his executives had allowed the company to get out of control. They were overstaffed and were “hemorrhaging” from cash flow problems. Leitzke was given the unenviable job of increasing sales, solving the cash flow problems, cleaning up the organization and installing systems to make the company run more smoothly.

Within three weeks he had enrolled himself in Management Systems Training with Doug Carter. This three day program helped him understand what was most important for himself, the employees, the company, and his clients.

Even while he was in the class he began making decisions about how to save what needed to be saved and get rid of what wasn’t helping. He not only increased his skills at handling challenging situations, he also discovered ways to quickly become more profitable. By the end of this three day program, he had already created a “road map” for the future of the company and some of the essential systems that he needed to install.

Here’s the bottom line for David Leitzke:

This is the most practical Sales Management system I’ve ever seen. Within one month our customer refunds were cut by $15,000.00. We increased our sales by 42.86%, cut our expenses by 18.17%, and I’m able to go home by 5:30 instead of 9:00!

David Leitzke
President, Venture Alliance Group

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