Sales Jumped 104.6%
within Three Weeks

Nevada Corporate Headquarters (NCH) is the fastest growing Nevada-based “resident agent” in the United States of America. And, they’re the best.

A “resident agent” is someone who will maintain a permanent presence for you if you choose to create a corporation in a state that is different from where you either work or do business. Incorporating a state like Nevada can save you tax dollars, provide amazing privacy, and limit your personal and professional liability. It’s usually a good thing to do. It’s also an extremely competitive and tough industry.

NCH’s sales have steadily grown over the past decade. In 1999 they had reached a plateau of sorts, caused by limited space. If you’re a business owner you can probably relate. Your sales grow until you are using all of your available space. Although your sales will probably go up if you move to a larger space, it is often expensive to move and difficult to find the right kind of location. Meanwhile, your sales level off because you don’t really have the room to add any new salespeople and your existing staff are stretched to the “max” keeping up with your current leads.

David Gass is the director of sales and marketing at NCH.  He originally met Doug Carter when he was referred to his “Heroes and Legends: Sales Managers Systems Training.” David began to apply the systems he had learned to his sales staff.

Recognizing that Doug had practical and tested solutions to both management systems and sales skills, NCH hired him to conduct four days of training over four months. Essentially, the mornings were management training and the afternoons were for sales training.

David attended both sessions so that he would know what to coach and how to coach his sales people. At the end of the first day he rewrote the telephone scripts using what he had learned. He presented the new script to his sales people and asked them to learn it. At the next sales meeting he very confidently asked each person to recite the new script word for word. Some of them could do part of it but no one could do all of it.

But he had definitely made an impact. That week sales went up 30.77%.

The next week he tested them again. Everyone did better and the number one salesperson in the company rolled through his demonstration nearly “word perfect.” David had made his point. Sales went up nearly 65% over normal. They had a record week.

David continued to use new management techniques and systems and maintained his insistence that the sales people truly work on this entirely new approach. By the end of the third week sales were up nearly 104.6%.

As is typical of new approaches, sales have leveled off since the end of the training. But, they’ve leveled off over 70% higher than they were when the sales training began.

Doug, I wanted to let you know, no one has had a more dramatic impact on me in such a short period of time as you. You have altered the way I think about things and manage. I believe I have developed as a manager…and as a person from your training.

David Gass
Director of Sales and Marketing, Nevada Corporate Headquarters

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